Excellence in Transportation:
1996 Award Program - System Operations - LED Signal Project
Presented to CalTrans District 6 & Electro-Tech's.

These light emitting diode signals improve traffic operations and conserve energy.  Installation of the 2,300 new signals in District 6 is forecast to produce an annual savings of 1.07 million kilowatts and $142,812.  This is an excellent example of how good design can save energy & dollars.

Signed:  James W. van Loben Sels, Director
California Department of Transportation.

Smithsonian Award:
Electro-Tech's received the Computerworld Smithsonian Award for Environmentally Beneficial Reluxification.

Oregon State:
Electro-Tech's meets or exceeds all of the specifications for traffic signals for the state of Oregon.

ITE purchase specification for:  Vehicle Control Traffic Signal Heads:
Electro-Tech's has been certified by an outside testing laboratory to meet the requirements for Maintained Minimum Luminous Intensity and Chromisity as set forth in this specification.